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Relieve Pain--Release Tight Muscles--Restore Movement


Refreshing mind-body workout

Develop a strong back & core

Improve posture

Improve sports performance & prevent injuries

Learn effective movement patterns

Gentle on your joints 

Increase flexibility


Rachel Valcarce


Rachel has always had a love for fitness. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness, she realized that in order for her to live a long active lifestyle, she needed to make some changes.


That’s when she found Pilates. Encouraged by her progress and her mentors, Rachel is passionate about sharing Pilates with others. She believes that the mind-body-breath connection of Pilates is a healthy way to work the body and relieve stress. She feels with consistent practice one will develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and control within one’s body so that they can enjoy a vigorous lifestyle.


She teaches Pilates with a focus on postural alignment, core conditioning, muscular strengthening, flexibility, and rehabilitation for all clients -- no matter what level of Pilates that they are at. 


Rachel’s Pilates certification is through Balanced Body and is a National Certified Pilates Teacher. She is a Rossiter Level 1 Coach and has taken plenty of coursework in Pilates for Neurological Conditions and other Auto Immune Illnesses.

When Rachel is not busy sharing Pilates with others, she likes to travel, hike, bike, and spend time with her family and pets.

About Me


The Rossiter System is the premiere athletic enhancing recovery & injury prevention modality. The Rossiter System® targets the core cause of immobility and pain: tight connective tissue. Just a few of our 2-person weight assisted stretches can make an immediate difference. We have head-to-toe techniques for your unique needs, and we work with you to PREVENT tightness that can cause injury, and slow down your game. To relieve pain quickly, 2 to 3 sessions weekly are recommended. Sessions typically last 30 minutes.


Heights, Houston, Texas


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"My husband and I have been doing Pilates with Rachel for more than a year. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She is very focused on details and is always teaching you correct posture. I started doing Pilates 10 years ago and have worked with many Pilates teachers. Rachel is definitely on the top of my list. She always inspires me to do my best and go to her classes during the evenings after 8 hours of work. She is great and I recommend you try her."

-Cristina A.

"Rachel is an awesome Pilates instructor. I really enjoy taking Pilates from her. She is very focused on form and ensuring that you are working what you're intending to work. She makes sure that the exercises you do are right for you and that you are comfortable with them. She's knowledgeable enough that she mixes it up all the time so that you're keeping it interesting, and still getting the workout that you want. I have had good results with Rachel and can tell that I am advancing at a good pace."

-Phil K.



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